Family?  Couple?  Single?  Apartments for anyone

Family?  Couple?  Single?  Apartments for anyone

Variability is one of the biggest advantages of the apartment compared to hotels. You can choose from different sized apartments, but almost every can be used for all types of guests – either for individuals, families, couples, or friends, colleagues.

  • Is an apartment suitable for individuals? It is. Of course.
  • Is an apartment suitable for family? Obviously. Much more suitable as a hotel room.
  • Is an apartment suitable for friends, two couples or colleagues? Clearly.

Each of our apartments can be used for individuals and more guests. Individual has a reduced price. Price for an individual when accommodating more than one guests is very favorable.


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BRATISLAVA +421 911 949 995
NITRA +421 948 070 989

For companies

FUKAS Apartments is a suitable partner for companies that use short-term or long-term accommodation. This may be accommodation for businessmen, managers, employees etc… For different categories of “business clients” we have different types of apartments – by the size, standard, location.
We often accommodate business owners or managers or employees. We satisfy many your requests and needs in relation to accommodation.
For you as a “business client” we have special conditions more>

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