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The best price is through our website

To book directly through our site is worth the most. We guarantee the lowest prices on our website, . There is no more favorable price than on our website.

If you come to us again, you have a permanent discount of 10%

It is very important that if you book with us – directly through our website, you will automatically receive a 10% discount for each further stay, in all countries, in all cities and all apartments. This applies for each guest who makes a reservation directly through our website.

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BRATISLAVA +421 911 949 995
NITRA +421 948 070 989

For companies

FUKAS Apartments is a suitable partner for companies that use short-term or long-term accommodation. This may be accommodation for businessmen, managers, employees etc… For different categories of “business clients” we have different types of apartments – by the size, standard, location.
We often accommodate business owners or managers or employees. We satisfy many your requests and needs in relation to accommodation.
For you as a “business client” we have special conditions more>

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